Modify an order

In this step, we are going to modify an order. You must have understood the first step.
You can modify an order, for example if the total amount has changed or if the order has been canceled.

Request :

  "orderPrice": 95.90,
  "cherryPrice": 2,
  "status": "canceled"
{trackId}* string The track ID that you want to change.
orderPrice float The new order amount.
cherryPrice integer The new participation amount.
status string The new order statut.
Accepted values : 'validated' ou 'canceled'

Answer :

  "trackId": "ODR-5736",
  "orderPrice": 95.90,
  "cherryPrice": 2,
  "currency": "chf",
  "status": "canceled",
  "mode": "test"
200 - Success
trackId string The order track ID.
orderPrice float The order total amount.
cherryPrice integer The participation amount.
currency string The currency order.
status string The order statut.
Possible values : 'validated' ou 'canceled'
mode string The order saved mode.
Possible values : 'prod' ou 'test'
400 - Bad Request
order not found 3101 No order has been found for the track ID given.
unknown error 3130 There is an unknown error when creating your order. Please contact-us.
orderPrice required 3131 The order amount hasn’t been send or is not correct.
wrong status 3133 The order statut is not correct.
500 - Server Error
server error 8000 8999 We have a server error.


You’re not able to make, modify and cancel an order. Don’t hesitate try as much as necessary and check the result of your test into your dashboard.
As soon as you have double check everything, you can change your test keys by the production one.

Do you need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact our technical team if you have any problem.